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Euroleague, Round 7 | The protagonists in the postgame

Milano –

Virtus Segafredo Bologna forward Jordan Mickey: “First of all, we had to come out. We dropped a few games that we shouldn’t have dropped and know how we did it. And it starts with defense. That’s what we came out and did today. We definitely played the right way today. We shared the ball and had a lot of guys scoring the ball. We shared, had assists and it all started with defense. Defensive rebounds. If we can get the rebounds and get stops, we can score.”

Virtus Segafredo Bologna forward Toko Shengelia: “Everything starts from defense because if we get good stops and good rebounds, then we can run and use our transition as one of our main weapons, I would say. Both [offense and defense] are very important and I agree, it was a very important game for us. I think we raised our level of intensity and physicality, and I think this is what happened. Thank you to our fans, much love from our locker room. They come and support us everywhere we go and I just want to say ‘thank you’, they are amazing.”