Euroleague, Roun 10 | Coach Scariolo postgame: “My team fought with pride, we never gave up
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Euroleague, Roun 10 | Coach Scariolo postgame: “My team fought with pride, we never gave up

Bologna –

After the game against Efes Istanbul ended with a score of 80-85, coach Sergio Scariolo commented on the match in the press conference: “I congratulate Efes for the win because they played tough, you could see they came here to win. They respect us a lot and played a tough game. We played well but we still made some naive mistakes, however, I can’t say more than that when the team had that desire on the last shot and to go all the way to play us. I urge everyone to focus especially on details such as on the choice of the last three shots that should not have been these, but we will work on it. We need more experience and probably also precision in choosing some shots that our more experienced opponents, scored. I think that from a game like this, beyond frustration, you come out with your head held high.
Of tonight I take home the pride of having fought against the defending champions, playing a game where we never gave up, forcing them to work hard with their best players. We were a little worried about their form at the beginning: while there is the pride of performance on the one hand, there is the lack of a little more experience at some junctures. We still need to improve to lower the threshold of these small inaccuracies, but today I can only give a big applause to the team for the commitment and strength they put in
I think Shengelia is an important player, but as a team we still need to reach the optimal fitness level with as many players as possible. Most of the players at the beginning of the season have a tot of experience in the Euroleague, and in March I hope that this purse has grown.It is also important to work on getting to know your teammates and the way they play. I think there is room to grow further defensively as a team and in making the best choices when needed, especially when the shot clock puts pressure.
Teodosic? It was not easy to whistle this game, but now we will review it and then evaluate. The 5 seconds on the throw-in had been reached because we timed it, so if they had seen it they would have changed the decision I’m sure.We are rookies in this competition so sometimes you have to eat some dust but you don’t have to get nervous.
In general our goal was to be in the group in the Euroleague and for now we are there, however we will have to try until the end to do the best and I am convinced that there is ample room to play the Euroleague again next year.”