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Euroleague One Team | Virtus Emil Banca and PGS Welcome Baskin united for a sense of community

Bologna, 25 November –


Virtus Segafredo Bologna, participating in Turkish Airlines Euroleague, will once again be part of the big One Team family, the project dedicated to teaching social values through basketball, aimed at people in difficult conditions.
Like last year, together with Magika Asd, the women’s youth sector affiliated with the club, we will form a team of coaches who will be responsible for transmitting important values of inclusiveness. The social partner with whom we will collaborate in the realisation of our programme is PGS Welcome Baskin with the involvement of the Under 13 group of Virtus Emila Banca Bologna and the Esordienti group of Magika.

But….. what’s Baskin?

Baskin is a sporting activity, all-Italian, that allows children with disabilities of any kind (as long as they can shoot a basket) and able-bodied people to play together in the same team.
The support and backing of this movement is very close to Virtus Segafredo Bologna’s heart, and it has launched a programme based on collaboration between these athletes and the boys of its youth sectors. The programme is quickly done: it consists of 8 sessions, in which our youth sectors will learn how to relate with the players of this sport, while the already experienced Baskin champions will be placed in a new dynamic reality thanks to the One Team methodology applied by our coaches.

Yesterday evening the first session was held, with great success, at the Porelli Gymnasium: more than 50 people in all, including participants, coaches, volunteers and spectators, held a combined session where they got to know each other and play together, learning the fundamental concept of a sense of community by performing exercises preparatory to learning Baskin.

1. Sense of Community
2. Understanding Diversity & Inclusion
3. Confidence
4. Respect
5. Decision Making
6. Team Building
7. Empathy
8. Humility