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EuroCup Women Round 1| Virtus Segafredo Bologna-Lointek Gernika 60-65

Bologna, October 14 –


Virtus Segafredo Bologna-Lointek Gernika 60-65
(18-18, 12-23, 14-13, 16-11)

VIRTUS: Barberis 4, Dojkic 19, Hines-Allen 20, Tava, Zandalasini 14, Battisodo 2, Pasa, Ciavarella, Laterza 1, Cinili, Tassinari. Coach Lardo

GERNIKA: Arrojo 10, Buch 7, Moore 12, Roundtree 14, Silva 12, Alberdi, Ariztimuno 7, Brcaninovic 3, Ginzo, Meskonyte. Coach Lopez


It’s a historic night for Virtus Segafredo Bologna women’s team that makes its debut in a European competition at the Paladozza. In front of Lointek Gernika, a Spanish team.

Virtus, still without Cinili and Turner, starts well with Hines-Allen on the ball under the iron. Gernika responds with Moore and Buch, shot after shot, and immediately tries to take the lead. Lardo’s team, however, in the first period sticks to the game and with intensity ties the score at 18 after 10′. In the second period, the bench rotation rewards the Spanish: an 8-0 run by Gernika that breaks Segafredo’s legs and they go under double digit disadvantage. Zandalasini and Barberis on defense try to shake up the bianconere, who are down at halftime, 30-41. When Gernika comes back from the locker room, it tries to take advantage of the favorable moment, but has to deal with the black and white defensive pressure: Dojkic takes the lead, on both sides of the court. He steals the ball and flies in counter-attack, then serves Hines-Allen for a shot on the glass. Gernika, however, remains firmly in command of operations, even if the lead is reduced. In the last period, the Black V’s change gear: Dojkic scores again on the counterpunch, then Zandalasini scores the -6 on 51-56 at the middle of the last period. Gernika scores only at the free-throw line and Segafredo takes advantage of it: first Hines-Allen and then Dojkic score the -3 at 6′” from the buzzer. Timeouts on both sides: Tava earns a foul on an offensive rebound but then makes 0/2 from the line, on the other side Moore scores and a +5 is served. It ends 60-65, after a brave performance by Virtus Segafredo Bologna.