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Baraldi: “Historic victory with Schio. Basket City is compacting around the Virtus Segafredo women’s team.”

Bologna –

Virtus Segafredo Bologna CEO Luca Baraldi spoke in Il Resto del Carlino about the momentum of the bianconero club, focusing in particular on the women’s team after Saturday night’s recent win against Schio: “I am very satisfied with how things are going. In the men’s we are first in the league and in the Euroleague we are running for eighth place and this is important for us because we know how hard this event is especially for those who are returning to play it after a long time. I also view the women’s European experience favorably, but what fills us with pride the most is the second place in the league and the historic win we got on Saturday against Schio. Why historic? In the league, Schio had not lost since January 2020, and it is not wrong to call it a benchmark team for women’s basketball not only in Italy, but also in Europe. When we started this project in 2019 we were beaten in a friendly match by Schio itself with a score of 100-28. The next day during the team presentation I said that in three years we would beat them. It has been less than three years and not only did we beat them, but we also scored 94 points against them and that is also something exceptional. In any case, this result shows that we are people who keep our promises. President Zanetti is satisfied with the women’s successes and not only the one against Schio, but also the one in San Martino di Lupari. This passion of his for women’s basketball means that the main goal this season is to win the scudetto with the women. It would be a first for Bologna and would be a nice feather in the cap for our Basket City, where something strange is happening. The audience that comes to watch the men’s is different from the audience that goes to the arena for the women’s. I notice that there are more and more Fortitudinians coming to see our women. And this is good because basketball fans are uniting around this team. It would be fair to say that all of Basket City is compacting around the women’s Virtus.”