14 years since the last Italian Championship semifinal…

Bologne –


Alessandro Pajola, 21 years old, was the real star. In the win Treviso, which allowed Segafredo to deservedly win the semifinal, the Italian point guard was the protagonist of a masterful performance.

25 points (personal high), 7 assists and a 29-point PIR only partially describe his impact on the game. After halftime, he picked up the team, overturning a verdict that many already saw written: “We struggled, it was a very difficult challenge. But now we have a week to rest and prepare for a very important semifinal,” Alessandro said.

Virtus returns to the semifinals after 14 years.

The last time was in 2007, a number that, as Coach Djordjevic said last night in his press conference: “It’s a fact. It’s not enough for me, you know me. I’m never happy, it’s up to us to respond one more time with desire, pride and courage.”

Because Virtus Segafredo certainly doesn’t want to stop now..